Ok, handcrafted selfie sticks aren’t a thing.

But a Moto X with real wood or genuine leather is. Customize yours with natural materials or endless colorful hues — even take the perfect selfie using your voice. Build yours on Moto Maker today.

Ok, handcrafted selfie sticks aren’t a thing.

But a Moto X with real wood or genuine leather is. Customize yours with natural materials or endless colorful hues — even take the perfect selfie using your voice. Build yours on Moto Maker today.


everything nice!

Choose to be unique.

Show your personal style with your choice of metal accents, real woods, genuine leathers, and colorful back finishes. Have your name or a message laser-etched right into the phone. There are thousands of ways to make your Moto X unique.


Go for classic.

Show off the elegant and stylish lines of the Moto X with a classic leather back from one of America’s most prestigious tanneries. Hand-treated Horween® leather retains all its rich natural qualities so it feels as good as it looks. And the more you use your Moto X, its leather begins to develop a natural and unique patina.

Make a natural statement.

Personalize your Moto X with an authentic wood back in four stunning finishes. Grown in responsibly managed forests, each back has its own unique wood-grain pattern. It’s an unexpected detail that’s as durable as it is sophisticated.

Show off your true colors.

Are you a total turquoise or a cool cabernet? Either way, you can customize your Moto X with endless color combinations to rock your individual style. From cool, warm and neutral tones,

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Clear and crisp sound quality

Are you a motorist who is searching for a headset that allows you to listen to music, communicate and operate it hands-free? Do you want a headset that allows multi-tasking but will not compromise the ease and safety of your journey? The best option for a user-friendly headset would be a Bluetooth-operated one. Luckily, there are several best motorcycle bluetooth by Ironhorsetrading available these days. However, what is a guarantee that the next motorcycle accessory you will buy is the best one for you as a motorist? Read on and find out the essential points you need to consider before purchasing a motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

  1. Clear and crisp sound quality

Clear and crisp sound quality

As a rider who maneuvers the road directly under the sun, the wind might be the only sound you can hear aside from the honking of other vehicles. Choosing a headset is crucial for you because you want to find one that will produce clear sound despite the noise from the surroundings. Recent models of helmet Bluetooth headsets allow multi-communication, and if you want to hear your fellows during a call, you want your headset to be able to reduce static noise. Go for a motorcycle Bluetooth headset that has a noise reduction capability or that can produce a sharp sound even without this feature. With noise cancellation, you can listen to your music and hear a call better.

  1. Long hours of battery life

Long hours of battery life

With any device, battery life is a seriously regarded topic. We surely want a Bluetooth device that can last for hours. Especially for motorists who travel long distances; a Bluetooth headset could be a concern. Though wire headsets don’t have battery life problems, they lack the hands-free and multi-tasking features. So, as a motorist who is looking for a device that can satisfy your needs for good sound and clear communication, a Bluetooth operated one can still be the best option for you. Manufacturers have improved Bluetooth headset battery life. Now, you can find one that can last for 8 hours. Other Bluetooth headsets for motorcycles have 12 hours battery life, and these devices specialize in communication. They come along with a microphone and noise or echo reduction.

  1. Multi-intercom possibility and distant communication

Multi-intercom possibility and distant communication

Bluetooth technology is improving fast especially on how it makes communication more efficient. Now, it is possible to communicate with some people just by using a Bluetooth device. Multiple-communication is available in most Bluetooth headsets for motorcycles. Choose a headset that has a multi-intercom feature or that allows at least two more riders to communicate with you. Furthermore, take note of how far communication is possible. Some models can connect at 2-5 miles, but there are also those that can connect at 55 miles. If you are a rider who needs to communicate with several riders at one call, then, look for a Bluetooth headset with the multi-intercom feature.

  1. Resilience to environment conditions

Resilience to environment conditions

As a rider, you are constantly under direct heat of the sun, sometimes battling harsh winds and suddenly encountering rains. Because of this, buying a device that can operate no matter what the weather is can be quite tricky. However, Bluetooth headsets for outdoors are now designed to be water-proof and sun-proof. As a motorist who wants to enjoy the full features of your Bluetooth device, prioritize the durability of the headset before purchasing. Go for one that has a thick encasement rather than a slender one.

  1. Cellphone accessibility

Cellphone accessibility

Some Bluetooth headsets come with a smartphone application. It means you can use your phone while you are on-the-go. With a smartphone app, you can voice prompt your Bluetooth headset to make a call or change the music when you want while you are driving your motorcycle. If you want this hands-free ease from your device, go for one that can be connected to your phone.

  1. Sharing features

Sharing features

What is beneficial with a Bluetooth device is its sharing ability. It means one or more devices can also connect with you. With a Bluetooth headset, you and your friends can listen to music together. Look for one that allows sharing especially with other headset brands.

  1. Compatibility with other devices

Compatibility with other devices

An advantage of the recent models of Bluetooth headsets for your helmet is its universality. Many in the market are compatible with other brands. It is good especially for music sharing, communication, and other connection reasons. When choosing a Bluetooth headset, test the compatibility feature by connecting other devices with the headset. Ensuring this before buying will save you from linking devices in the future. You would not want to stop in the middle of your journey just to troubleshoot your device once your fellow rider requests a song from you.

  1. Other features to consider

Because you are attaching a Bluetooth device to your helmet, having a light-weight one is a better choice. However, make sure that the weight does not compromise its other important uses. There are also Bluetooth headsets for motorcycles that have a camera, GPS and voice command abilities. These are advantageous for you especially when you are on the road. Now, you will not miss those beautiful sceneries while you are on your bike or know your location immediately without stopping for directions. Furthermore, you just need to talk to your Bluetooth headset to make a call, listen to music, turn it off and other prompts. Make sure that when buying, these features are available if they are your priority as well.

We understand the fun of feeling the sun and the surroundings around you when you are on your bike. Thus, a device that will give you continuous enjoyment while on the road is so much more favorable. The Bluetooth headsets, expectations for functionality, durability, and efficiency are high. Hopefully, this guide has given you the basics before buying a Bluetooth headset that will match your bike. For comments, please post below because we want to hear from you too. We hope to know your suggestions and stories about having a Bluetooth headset for your motorbikes. Please remember to share this article with your fellow bikers. We hope you had fun and thank you for reading!

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surround sound system

The right sound can transform any piece of visual entertainment into a world you can immerse yourself in to. Digital surround sound systems today maximize that immersion by letting you experience music, not just hear it.

With the right surround sound system, you should be able to complete your suspension of disbelief and let the movie or TV shows take you to a whole new dimension.

Of course, getting the right surround sound system is essential in achieving the effect you desire. Here are some tips to help you out:

1) The size – picking the size of the speakers requires you to take note of the room dimensions. Remember that you aim to immerse yourself in whatever you are watching or whatever you are listening to. This requires you to fill a room with sound. The size of the speakers, therefore, should be directly proportional to the scale of the room you’ll be placing them in.

2) Subwoofers – if you are relatively new to buying sound systems, then you might opt to buy your subwoofers packaged with the entire system. However, you might want to think about getting the subwoofers separately –this is so that you can match the subwoofer perfectly with the room and make the sound a whole lot better.

3) Brand matching – If you want to buy various components of the surround sound system separately, you should stick to the same brand. This has very little to do with brand loyalty and more to do with matching the sound quality. By purchasing your components from the same manufacturer, you would be able to make sure that the tones are evenly matched, therefore adding to your total immersion.

4)Get help – whether you are looking for the perfect surround sound or trying to find the right placement of your speakers, you should always consider getting help from experts. This will allow you to make much better decisions and ultimately enjoy much better surround sound.

Hopefully, this short article will help you get the best surround sound system for your money. Just make sure to think of it as an investment, and you’ll be okay.

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Surround Sound Bar for Larger Room Space

The presence of facilities at home is something which is awesome for everyone because they can find what they need at the same time enjoying the self without going to anywhere else. The Certain facility might be categorized as expensive stuff since it requires a significant amount of money to fulfill it such as swimming pool, personal music studio, and mini bar and so on.

Those are available in celebrity o rich people’s house. It might be completely okay and worth for them to have it at home since they can afford it. Actually, expensive and high tech stuff does not determine the quality and the comfort of the house because happiness in life within the family member is determined by each family member.

Home becomes the nicest place for a parent when they can gather with children while for each child, they have their demand for homes such as privacy and freedom when they are the teenager. Above all, luxury and expensive stuff will mean nothing when there is no other beloved one to share with. Gathering among family member is important that is why arranging friendly, fun and the happy moment is necessary. Many things can be done together with the whole family member. The most common thing is spending the time with watching television or seeing movies.

2.5-inch drivers and two 0.74-inch tweeters

It seems simple, but this is very effective to strengthen the relationship. To make this precious moment feel better, it is important to provide high-quality equipment because when people are entertained, they can find happiness and comfort that they need.

The determiner from the comfort that they require is not only based on the quality of the picture from the screen but also the presence of clear and sharp sound. The public might already know the presence of home theater product that is offered in the market. This is the thing that people need to create theater atmosphere at home.

The problem that people should face is the high price that they should pay to grab this product. The solution for surround sound system in the country or anywhere else is surround sound bar. The function might be the same as surround speaker that can be used as the minimalist sound system problem. Many new products are coming from different manufacturers in different brands that people can find on the market.

Since it is quite a lot product to choose, it might be better for people to compare each product before deciding to buy an individual product. Looking at the detail and its feature lets people find whether a certain product can give better sound or not. Besides the price, checking the quality might be the better thing to do for the customer. The demand on this sound bar in the market is getting higher because people are already aware of the comfort and the fun in enjoying television with surround sound system.


 Full-screen HDTV or new flat panel becomes more impressive while it is attached to this kind of bar.

The benefits that people can get from installing sound bar is more than just having better, clearer and surround sound but people can save a lot of money either. When it is compared with installing the home theater sound system, people should spend a lot of more money to receive the same comfort in hearing experience.

Another benefit is the possibility to make the room space larger. People can imagine how many areas that it is required for people to put the home theater sound system or most of the people prefer to place speaker all around the room for a surround system. It might be wasting time and room space because by single sound bar people can receive and experience surround system. One slim speaker bar can make people can have great hearing experience from different devices with the presence of four models channels.

The digital surround technology which is applied in the restaurant let people should not be troubled in installing rear speakers. When people have a new television and like to have the more enjoyable moment by a large surround system, installing this kind of product might be suitable without requiring spending too much money on it.

However, if you feel the need to have  is surround sound bar, We recommend one of the following:

Pure style. Pure performance.

All jokes aside, Moto X delivers the style you want with the features you need:

  • Vivid 5.2" HD display with Corning™ Gorilla Glass
  • Premium metal frame, curved for a great fit
  • Pure Android experience
  • Quad-core processor for speed and battery life
  • Front and rear cameras launched with a twist of your wrist
  • Voice control that’s completely hands-free

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